Piping Retreat Workshop: Video

 The Spanish Peaks Piping Retreat co-sponsored a one-day workshop and concert in Denver on Feb 25th.  EJ Jones, well-known professional bagpiper, and the Piper Jones Band, conducted the workshop with 16 in attendance.  Attendees came from as far away as Phoenix and Colorado’s Western Slope.  The day was spent learning some tunes and discussing the similarities and differences between highland bagpipes and Scottish smallpipes, focusing particularly on differences in the style of playing.  
Left to right in the video:  Wolf Loescher, percussion; EJ Jones, Scottish smallpipes; and Frances Cunningham, bouzouki.

This video features the Piper Jones Band playing a traditional tune from the type of traditional music known as “mouth music”.  Mouth music, or “music from the mouth” was frequently used for dancing when no instruments were available. Usually, the genre involves a single performer singing lighthearted, often bawdy lyrics, although these are sometimes replaced with meaningless words or phrases.
It was an informative and fun day and we look forward to the Spanish Peaks Piping Retreat to be held in La Veta, CO on Sep 22-24, 2017.  Smallpipes teachers for this retreat will be Ben Miller and Timothy Cummings.  Both Ben and Tim bring their unique backgrounds and styles of playing to the retreat.  Registration information will soon be posted, so keep an eye on this page.